The Electronic Business Management Society (EBMS) invites submission of original papers, notes, research communication, or case studies for possible publication in the IJEBM. This journal promotes high-quality e-business, e-industry, e-government and e-society research. The goal of the journal is to improve the information infrastructure and broadband network construction, establishing interconnected networks, improve the legal environment, build better internet security, expand information network education, enhancing research and development and build international cooperation. Papers are invited covering the following topics but are not limited to:

- Advanced technologies in e-business development
- Development of e-business and information infrastructures
- E-marketing, e-retailing and consumer issues related to e-business and e-commerce
- Mobile commerce
- E-learning
- B2B integration and enterprise application integration
- Knowledge management for e-business development
- Global logistics and distribution management
- Supply and demand chain management and product life-cycle management
- International cooperation, global collaboration and data networking
- Product data management and standards
- Appropriate policies to enhance the usage of e-business and information technology
- Public and private strategies for implementing e-business technologies
- Information security and ethics
- Internet economy and its societal impact
- Applications and case studies of e-business, e-industry, e-government and e-society
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